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4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Private Practice (in 2022)

The ultimate goal of your practice is to help as many people as possible to lead healthy lives. But there are many others out there that hardly know that you exist. This is when digital marketing strategies help you reach new patients and drive them to you, by earning their trust, showing empathy, and always having their back.

Let us see what are the digital marketing strategies to drive new patients to your practice.

1. High-Quality Content

Content Marketing should be at the top of your digital marketing strategy because this is a sure way to attract potential patients.

This is one way to show your authority and establish your credibility as a medical professional. Patients are online and curious to know the answers to their questions. If you have a website, you should have technical articles that you regularly publish for your readers or patients. 

Posting technical articles helps your website gain more traffic, leads, and patients. Having high-quality content on your blog helps you to gain better rankings on search engines. 

Along with it, an eBook or white paper can also act as a lead magnet to allow you to get more information on prospects that you can turn into patients.

Videos or infographics make it easier to consume visual content than written content. 

Patient education all in all adds value to your practice. It inspires referrals and attracts new patients to your practice. 

The content that you create should be created following the E-A-T principle to enhance its quality.

It’s not about you, it’s about what your audience wants to know. Interesting information that is useful always attracts or retains the viewers or the audience.

2. Presence On Social Media

Social media is an incredible tool for businesses of all types and medical practice is no different.

Social media is a very useful tool for businesses of all types. It helps in gaining trust and authority in your area of practice. 

Social media marketing for doctors is also valuable for sharing advice with more than one patient at a time. Of course, you can’t discuss your patients’ individual issues in public but you can lend your insights to a larger audience.

Your practice is built on good relationships. Social media for doctors makes it possible to not only establish relationships but also strengthen them. 

As you have conversations with your followers on social media, you are establishing your expertise and credibility. Every time you answer a question, share relevant content and present new information, your practice looks more and more like a trusted source of medical care. 

Social media is one of the most effective channels while creating a dialogue with followers. You can post a story or comment and engage other people to respond. They may ask questions that you answer. You can read what your followers are talking about regarding health and medicine and get a better sense of what people want from their doctors. This can definitely help build the trustworthiness of your practice among your peers. So it is logical to interact and engage with your patients on their preferred social media platforms on a regular basis.

We have also seen social media doctor celebrities like Dr. Mike keep in constant touch with their followers by sharing information on various topics.

3. Local SEO 

Most of your patients will stay within your vicinity. When people search for local services, Google usually shows the businesses that are close to them on Google’s local pack

Local SEO is a part or subset of the entire SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO helps ensure your practice appears higher on Google’s 1st page for localized searches.

Medical organizations or clinics or services are very complicated and offer a wide array of treatments and services varying across locations, departments, and specialties. Make it simple and easier for your potential patients to understand what you offer exactly. This will help get an idea of all your services and attract them to your medical practice.

Localized search results are characterized by the appearance of maps, a listing of 3-4 businesses underneath.

Local SEO  is an emerging area of search marketing, so there is a tremendous opportunity to attract new patients and stay ahead of your competitors today. This is true as Google continues to deliver more and more localized search results. Know what keywords are being used by the competitors in your area to rank higher and also make use of such keywords to attract more and more patients to your practice. For that, you can also add your practice to listings like Google My Business, ZocDoc, Facebook, Yelp,, and so on.

4. User-friendly website

The next digital marketing strategy is a user-friendly website. What are the factors that decide the user-friendliness of any website?

For now, we are considering these 3 utmost important factors:

  1. The website’s user experience, or UX as it is popularly called, is creating a user interface that works exactly as your visitors expect. The interactions are intuitive and also well-designed so that users don’t have to think. So it is just guiding your users to certain pages that you want to guide them to or drive them to. 
  2. Next is website loading time and it should be less than 2 secs. Otherwise, the bounce rates can jump up to 32%. Bounce is visitors leaving your website after viewing a single page of your website for another website.
  3. The third and most important is that your website should have mobile-responsive pages. Google has started indexing mobile versions before desktop versions. It is very important to have mobile responsive pages. Your website should be mobile-friendly. 

These were a few points for you to get a glimpse of digital marketing strategies you can follow to grow your medical practice. Or also verify if you are following any of them.